Promo Video & V0.9 Release Notes

Hey. I've got two things in one announcement. A new promo video and a new release of the game.

New Promo Video

We're so proud of this game we couldn't help but make a promo video. It's short and sweet just like the game.

Version 0.9 changes:

In conjunction with the video, there's a new version that was just deployed. The changes are minor

  • Title screen now has music (same music as the promo video)
  • Title Screen now has bubbles (to add a little atmosphere)
  •  Fixed Title-screen bug where mouse-interactions caused buttons to be unresponsive (this was a pretty bad bug)

Files 59 MB
Version 0.9 Jun 29, 2021 59 MB
Version 0.9 Jun 29, 2021

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